A Deck always adds value and makes your home look beautiful. But, when you decide to build a deck, the first thing that comes to your mind is whether you need a composite deck or a wooden deck. Here are some important points that should help you to choose a composite deck over a wooden deck.

Materials Used

The materials used in a Composite Deck are recycled wood pellets and plastic. These are then mixed with synthetic material that provides a natural look to the deck. One of the biggest advantages of composite decking is that it is made of recycled materials and it is eco-friendly. Whereas, Timber decking is made of pressure treated hardwood, it leads to culling of trees and it does not help to save the environment and inhabitants of native forests.


For any Decking project price is very important. When compared to a Timber deck, Composite Decking does cost a little more, but the materials used in Composite Decking are durable and have long life that is easy to maintain. Timber decking will also need constant oiling which will be an ongoing cost to the owner so the price difference of composite will pay for itself very quickly. Over time the composite option will be an effective cost saver.

Another point to consider is that from the day timber is installed it will start to break down. It is a natural material and it will always expand and contract heavily due to the harsh Australian elements. This will in turn produced cracking, splitting, cupping and screws or nails popping in almost all Timber boards.

Easy to maintain

Composite decking is easy to maintain when compared to a wooden deck. A simple pressure wash clean is all you will need to do whereas a wooden deck needs frequent oiling.


As Composite decking material is made of recycled wood and plastic and blended with synthetic material, it can withstand any kind of harsh weather. Moreover, they are naturally insect and termite resistant. Whereas, a wooden deck tends to crack and splinter and they are prone to mould if not maintained properly. Also, wooden deck tends to fade over a period of time.


A visually appealing deck is really important. Earlier when composite decking materials were new to the market, they tend to look fake and not aesthetically appealing. Over the years products have evolved and they now come with new ranges of natural wood grans and colors and board randomization. A high quality composite deck can now look aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated, whereas a wooden Deck comes with very limited range of colour options.

These are the reasons why one should choose a composite deck over a wooden deck.

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