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Benefits of Rite Wood

When it comes to beauty and durability, Rite Wood offers the best of both timber and polymer technology. If you have ever wondered about composite decking products, here are the benefits

Hollow Core Ventilation

Ritewood decking boards feature hollow core ventilation to minimize heat retention underfoot and allow airflow to eradicate upturned ends or cupping. Due to less overall mass of the board Expansion and contraction in variable temperatures is greatly reduced.


Most composite products on the market have a manufactured or machined look which can look Artificial or fake. Ritewoods Co Extrusion range guarantees that no board has the same finish. With different tones and light color contrast the end result is a more realistic timber finished look.


Timber can deteriorate relatively quickly over time becoming unsightly and even dangerous. Made from real wood and our proprietary polymer, your Rite Wood decking will last for years to come, rot free, keeping its beauty or many years.


Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that Rite Wood composite products are the safer alternative. Splinter-free and with no protruding nails or warped panels, your decking surface is bare-foot friendly and suitable for children and pets.


Rite Wood projects all the warmth and charm that we all love.  We’ve captured the beauty of timber by featuring subtle tonal variations just like real wood. You will love the look of the latest range of Rite Wood colours.

Australian Climate Worthy

The Australian weather can be tough on outdoor areas. Rest assured that Rite Wood performs in all kinds of conditions. Torrential rains and even our harsh Queensland sun pose no problems for rot-free, warp-free Rite Wood.


Eco-friendly Rite Wood is made from sustainable, recycled wood and polymer combining the beauty of timber and the maintenance-free benefit of polymer technology. Once installed, your Rite Wood will last for many years to come meaning less waste over the longer term.

Maintenance Free

Spend your spare time enjoying your deck and outdoor areas, not sanding and staining. Rite Wood means that no staining, no sanding, no oiling, no painting required. Rite Wood is virtually maintenance-free, giving you more time to enjoy your deck.

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