Rite Wood offers a range of products to suit your requirements. These include  Co Extrusion Decking, 3D Embossed Decking and WPC Timber Grain Composite.

Co Extrusion Decking

If you love the subtle colour shades of natural timber, you will love our stunning Co-Extrusion composite. Each board features delicate highlights and lowlights of tonal colour, that when installed, adds a beautiful warm ambiance to your outdoor spaces. 

Co- Extrusion is an outer shell polymer that completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection from fading. The shell and core are a once-molded product extruded under high temperature, without using adhesive which is harmful to the environment.

The core is made from recycled PE and high density wood fiber. The shell is made of polymer materials. Compared to other composites on the market Ritewoods Co-extrusion decking caps the boards all the way around. This ensures maximum protection against the elements.

Size 145mm x 20mm 5.4LM Lengths

Corner Flashings 50mm x 50mm 2.7LmLengths

3D Embossed Decking

Texture features on our 3D Embossa composite. 3D Embossa comes in 3 stunning colour options; teak, walnut and ash grey to work back with any home or commercial project. The variation in texture enhances a natural, classic aesthetic that will look beautiful for many years to come.

This Surface is a 3D finish embossed wood grain design. The wood grain depth will reach up to 3mm in depth for a more realistic timber appearance. The Emboss finish makes the surface more outstanding than before and provides a beautiful and traditional rustic look.

Size 150mm x 25mm
5.4LM in Length

WPC Timber Grain Composite

What is WPC?

PE WPC is a green energy saving and environmental protection product which is extruded from the mixture of recycled wood fiber and plastic (PE). The product offers the natural wood grain, colour, texture, and possesses the advantages of high polymer materials: waterproof, fireproof, mothproof, anti– UV, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, paint– free molding, recyclable.

WPC products also has the advantages of anti-aging, no corrosion, no cracks, no deformation, no waste, maintenance-free, big bearing capacity , longevity and so on. WPC product has exquisite appearance , easy for installation , simply maintenance, time saving and labor saving , high efficient , and satisfied with the various needs of customers. And WPC product is widely used in villas terrace, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and hotel, walkways, corridor, flower shelf, garden and so on.

Size 150mm x 20mm 5.4LM Lengths

Size 145mm x 20mm 5.4LM Lengths

Corner Flashings 50mm x 50mm 2.7LmLengths

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