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Rite Wood Products

Premium Solid Boards


Hardened Matt Duracoat Premium Finish

Premium Range Decking

Ritewoods Premium Range Decking has it all.

A superior hardened external finish with our latest super stain resistance and anti-replant colour fading technology.

Our external Patented Durocoat finish is made from a hardened extra thick 100% polymer composition. Designed specifically for Australia’s harsh extremities whether it be hot or cold ,our Premium Range can handle to all for the next 20 years, Guaranteed.

Unlike most Composite boards on today’s market this range is been specifically designed to look as realistic a possible but without sacrificing any longevity or functions of the board. We achieve this with our hardened
matt finish system which gives our boards a more genuine timber look and feel.

Dimensions 138mm x 23mm


Hardened Matt Duracoat Premium Finish

Co Extrusion Hollow Core Range

Co Extrusion Decking

If you love the subtle colour shades of natural timber, you will love our stunning Co-Extrusion composite. Each board features delicate highlights and lowlights of tonal colour, that when installed, adds a beautiful warm ambiance to your outdoor spaces.

Co-Extrusion is an outer shell polymer that completely encapsulates the board in an impermeable layer of protection from fading. The shell and core are a once-molded product extruded under high temperature, without using adhesive which is harmful to the environment.

The core is made from recycled PE and high density wood fibre. The shell is made of polymer materials. Compared to other composites on the market Ritewoods Co-extrusion decking caps the boards all the way around. This ensures maximum protection against the elements.

DIMENSIONS: 145mm x 20mm

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Edge Boards
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